From 182 Down to 138...​

How I Boosted My Metabolism Without Having To Exercise... by using Tea?!

I went from 182 down to 138... with tea?

I can't believe a simple daily tea tweak got me better results than going to my 6am exercise classes!!

In the same week, my husband’s business lost its biggest client, my hours at work got cut in half, and I had my annual checkup.

My doctor was not happy with me. She told me what I already knew. I was bigger than I was this time last year...

Eat right, exercise more…it's always the same thing but nothing ever changes.

She tried to be positive with me, but there was nothing positive about our visit. I'm going to stop scheduling my annual check up in early January...what's the point?

The last thing I had time for was exercise. Who has time for these things?

It feels like I work non-stop.

Between my kids' school activities, their social lives, supporting my husband's struggling never seems to end.

Not to mention my career. That seemed to be my last priority. But I have a family…that’s always number one.

And of course the holidays did NOTHING to help with my health…

I had tried to be careful with what I ate over the holidays. But with the parties, leftovers, and popcorn gift baskets…it’s near impossible for me.

And if I were honest with myself…I didn’t want to be careful over the holidays.

The first of January I started one of those early morning 6am workout-in-the-parking-lot-classes.

The exercise classes were a gift…a free month of classes my mom gave me. She was trying to tell me something.

I knew I needed to make a change…so I decided to go.

Turns out, 6 am Classes are AWFUL…but little did I know that was the first step in the right direction…

What initially got me to attend the classes was the anxiety over not fitting into my warm weather clothes when Spring came around.

But I only made it to a few classes. I hate getting up at 5:30 in the morning (because I need to eat and get dressed)…in the freezing cold. Besides, I have to get my family ready for the day.

No matter what I tried, I always seem to revert back to my old habits…the habits that made me disappointed in myself.

A few weeks after I quit the early morning class, I got a text out of the blue inviting me for tea.

It was Marsha. Marsha was a friend I’d made during my brief time at my 6am workout class. I didn’t really know her, but I can’t remember the last time I got invited to hang out.

I was already sitting in the coffee shop when Marsha walked in. She looked amazing.

I used to look like that…15 years ago before kids.

It was like a younger me walked out of a time machine…and little did I know she had something life-changing in store for me!

“Why did you stop coming to class? You were doing great!” Marsha said.

She was being polite…I mean who can really tell after 3 classes…the first of which I didn't even make it to the end before having to rest.

I told her I didn’t see the point. I had other things to do, and I just couldn’t justify the time…which of course was a lie.

“Oh, I completely understand.” Marsha said.

Yeah right I thought. She has no idea. She’s still the same size at 35 as she probably was at 20. She couldn’t possibly understand.

“Not long ago, I was much bigger. About three sizes.”

I couldn’t believe it…but she showed me a picture. She was telling the truth. She looked about the same size I was now.

“What did you do?” I asked.

I was dreading she was going to tell me about getting up at 5:30am everyday for the last year or so…because I wasn’t doing that.

“I only changed one thing." Marsha said.

"I simply changed the way I prepare my tea in the morning.”

Tea? Really? I love my tea…but I always assumed I’d have to switch to one of those nasty “health teas” if I wanted to see any benefit.

“What kind of tea is it?” I asked.

“Oh…any kind of tea. It doesn’t matter”, Marsha said.

That’s when Marsha told me about her 10-second tea tweak.

I was amazed. I was skeptical this would work for me…but it did!

Since I met Marsha I’ve prepared my tea every morning just as she showed me…and I even have caffeine-free herbal tea in the afternoons.

I have gone from 182 to 138 since my coffee shop date with Marsha 3 months ago.

I even had to go shopping for new clothes….I couldn’t be happier.

This simple “tea tweak” COMPLETELY changed my life!

Now all I want to do is share this tea tweak with as many people as possible.

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